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Word on the Street


“All I can say about the debut of the Hollywood Allstars is WOW!”

“Awesome isn’t strong enough.....the quality of musicians was unbelievable...certainly lived up to their name!!!”

“Outrageously good from top to bottom Hollywood!!!!!!!!!”

“For those that missed this show.....Don't miss the next one.”

“Awesome show tonight.....Congratulations on a job well done!”

“This show was beyond words...It was truly amazing....”

“Yes...a huge success! Such amazing players all under one roof...feeding our souls with big old chunks of happiness! That was the most fun I've had in a long time. The arrangements were outstanding. Thank YOU for assembling such talent. Catch you all next time!”

“You guys didn't just blew the roof off that place!!!”

“When we left, there was a couple outside who asked me if I knew who the band was. They thought it was some famous group from the 70's. I told them that was true individually but this was your first night out. They were blown away by this. They thought it was impossible this was not just another gig for the band. You guys rocked! Hopefully, this will repeat!”

“Unbelievable talent on that stage last night.”

I didn't stop dancing for three hours!! It was fantastic. Everybody rocked!! Can't wait to see you all again!!

“Fantastic show. You hear folks talking about how today's music sucks....artists using more computers and software (nothing wrong with moderation) than real instruments ...but every now and then, something wonderful comes along to restore your faith in the future of live music. Thanks for the big sound, excellent performances, extraordinarily high energy and just the experience of watching world class musicians having genuine and contagious fun on stage! What a blast it was!”

"Such a Great show Big Talent & a Whole lotta fun!"

“The only adjective that comes to mind to describe the bands performance is 'burning'. When I closed my eyes it felt like I was at a Tower Of Power concert.”

From The Bijou Theatre

“Great show. Amazing array of talent, utilized to its fullest. Bravo!”

“Caught the show at the Bijou tonight. Awesome! F*ing awesome.”

“Once again an awesome show!”


"The music is great!!
This reminds me of the New York Rock and Soul Revue album from years ago. Blown away by the musicianship. The EP came out amazing! Congrats!"


This is wonderful. Yes it’s well written and produced…..“The River” is my favorite and it should be in a movie soundtrack. I love it. 
Know that I’m a fan..."


"Hey Steve,
Frankly, i'm kind of blown away by how good this is. A couple of these tracks already sound like classics to me. It's super impressive all around."


"Thank you, Steve Gaspár and the nonpareil Hollywood Allstars for performing this awesome version of Living In America and keeping the spirit alive. I love it and I know my great friend and collaborator on this song and many others, the late-great genius, #DanHartman would, too. Of course he would want to be on stage jamming with you and the iconic Uptown Horns, who, of course, played on the recording. Much appreciation."


Your last cut is simply fabulous my friend, I really love what you do.
Audio and production stellar, not to mention the vocals!!!!  Simply some of the best records I’ve heard in many years.
Fabulous, generous and beautiful work!!!!!

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